Tzong-Lin Wu

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OBJECTIVE To study the effect of fast reporting by mobile phone short-message service (SMS) on anxiety levels in women undergoing prenatal biochemical screening for Down syndrome. METHOD From January 2005 to December 2006, 2782 women undergoing prenatal biochemical serum screening were randomized into fast reporting by SMS (group A) or without mobile(More)
Based on the ground surface perturbation concept, a novel stopband-enhanced electromagnetic-bandgap (EBG) structure has been proposed to suppress the power/ground noise on a three-layer package. This structure consists of a coplanar periodic pattern on the top layer, a ground plane on the third layer, and a ground surface perturbation lattice on the second(More)
A wideband and compact filter design for common-mode noise suppression in high-speed differential signals is proposed based on two U-shaped and one H-shaped coupled patterned ground structure. An equivalent model of three coupled LC resonators to predict the common-mode suppression characteristics is also developed with good agreement to the full-wave(More)
A novel wideband and miniaturized common-mode noise suppression filter is proposed based on the concept of an effective negative-permittivity metamaterial (MM) transmission line (TL). The propagation properties for the odd and even modes in the proposed structure are derived from the TL theory and Bloch theorem. Two- and four-port equivalent-circuit models(More)
Noise coupling on the power distribution networks (PDN) or between PDN and signal traces is becoming one of the main challenges in designing above GHz high-speed digital circuits. Developing an efficient and accurate modeling method is essential to understand the noise coupling mechanism and then solve the problem afterwards. In addition, development of new(More)
A novel power/ground plane for eliminating the power noise in the high-speed digital circuits using an artificial substrate electromagnetic bandgap (AS-EBG) structure is proposed. The AS-EBG is designed by embedding the air rods and high dielectric constant (DK) rods between the coplanar EBG power/ground planes to enhance the stopband bandwidth. A 2-D(More)
A novel photonic crystal power/ground layer (PCPL) is proposed to efficiently suppress the power/ground bounce noise (P/GBN) or simultaneously switching noise (SSN) in high-speed digital circuits. The PCPL is designed by periodically embedding high dielectric-constant rods into the substrate between the power and ground planes with a small area filling(More)
A novel miniaturized forward-wave directional coupler with periodical mushroom-shaped ground plane is proposed. The coupler can be designed with identical characteristic impedances for even and odd mode and enhanced the difference of propagation constants between the even and odd mode. These distinct propagation characteristics can be predicted by the(More)
A novel forward-wave directional coupler with periodical patterned ground structures is proposed. The input impedance of the even and odd mode of the proposed coupler can be matched, and the phase difference between the even and odd mode is also strongly enhanced. The equivalent models are constructed to predict the propagation properties based on the(More)
A new common-mode bandstop filter (CM-BSF) with an all-pass performance (from dc to 9 GHz) for differential signals is proposed by using a C-shaped patterned ground structure (PGS) with meandered signal lines on a two-layer printed circuit board (PCB). This technique can successfully generate two close transmission zeros in common-mode within the(More)