Tzong-Dar Wu

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This study investigates the information security of RFID based power meter system. The scenarios of information attacks are analyzed and both of the potential threats and weaknesses are identified. Then the risk assessment and object controls of information security management system for RFID based power meter are provided based on ISO 27001. Suggested(More)
I. Introduction For wireless sensor networks, one of the performance bottlenecks is node lifetime [1]. A well designed external interface that incorporates power scavenging, stable mechanics, and efficient wireless transmission can improve node lifetime and would be critical for the massive deployment of wireless networks in outdoor situations, such as(More)
Coupled microstrip-slotline antenna designs employ a microstrip feed line to excite a linear or ring slot in the ground plane of the structure via electromagnetic coupling, and such designs have proven successful in achieving dual-frequency operation with wide bandwidths [1, 2]. A dual-frequency printed antenna design of interest to the authors for its(More)