Tzeu-Chen Han

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To cut down cost in a competitive environment, airlines must avoid delays and operation inefficiencies in both airside and landside. However, previous studies have paid little attention to an airlines’ ground operation in airports’ cargo terminals. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to employ the Fuzzy Critical Path method (CPM) to find out(More)
In this paper, a cluster analysis method based on fuzzy equivalence relation is proposed. At first, the distance formula between two trapezoidal fuzzy numbers is used to aggregate subjects’ linguistic assessments about attributes ratings to obtain the compatibility relation. Then a fuzzy equivalence relation based on the fuzzy compatibility relation can be(More)
For logistics industry, supplier selection is a critical decision issue. To encompass vagueness of decision messages, we utilize a fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making(FMCDM) method called fuzzy TOPSIS for modelling the supplier selection under fuzzy environment. In the decision-making model, the alternatives' ratings and criteria weights are given in terms(More)
This paper proposes a multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) model for the risk evaluation of plant locations of foreign direct investment (FDI). Finally, a case study of Taiwanese FDI in China is conduced to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed MCDM model. The results show that the proposed MCDM model can be used to explain the plant location(More)
This paper applies the Importance-Satisfaction model to improve the effectiveness of the sea transportation for the Taiwanese Armed Forces as a case study. Data from experts is used to examine the military supply transportation by sea in outlying islands and we find that reliability of advertised sailing schedules and willingness to negotiate. These two(More)
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