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Studies on Ancient Rice—Where Botanists, Agronomists, Archeologists, Linguists, and Ethnologists Meet
Taiwan’s aboriginal peoples are thought to be related to ancestral Austronesian-speaking peoples. Currently, Taiwan has 14 officially acknowledged aboriginal tribes. The major crops currently farmedExpand
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Broomcorn and foxtail millet were cultivated in Taiwan about 5000 years ago
BackgroundArchaeobotanical remains of millet were found at the Nan-kuan-li East site in Tainan Science Park, southern Taiwan. This site, dated around 5000–4300 BP, is characterized by remains of theExpand
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A northern Chinese origin of Austronesian agriculture: new evidence on traditional Formosan cereals
BackgroundGenetic data for traditional Taiwanese (Formosan) agriculture is essential for tracing the origins on the East Asian mainland of the Austronesian language family, whose homeland isExpand
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Austronesian and Chinese words for the millets
After reviewing recent evidence from related disciplines arguing for an origin of the Austronesian peoples in northeastern China, this paper discusses the Proto-Austronesian and Old Chinese names ofExpand
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