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2 Abstract. A multiresolution optimal interpolation scheme is described and used to map the sea level anomaly of the Mediterranean Sea based on TOPEX/POSEIDON and ERS-1 data. The principal advantages of the multiresolution scheme are its high computational eeciency, the requirement for explicit statistical models for the oceanographic signal and the(More)
Cube mapping is widely used in many graphics applications due to the availability of hardware support. However, it does not sample the spherical surface evenly. Recently, a uniform spherical mapping, isocube mapping, was proposed. It exploits the six-face structure used in cube mapping and samples the spherical surface evenly. Unfortunately, some texels in(More)
This paper proposes a novel multiscale spherical radial basis function (MSRBF) representation for all-frequency lighting. It supports the illumination of distant environment as well as the local illumination commonly used in practical applications, such as games. The key is to define a multiscale and hierarchical structure of spherical radial basis(More)
High-dynamic range (HDR) images are commonly used in computer graphics for accurate rendering. However, it is inefficient to store these images because of their large data size. Although vector quantization approach can be used to compress them, a large number of representative colors are still needed to preserve acceptable image quality. This paper(More)
Vector quantization (VQ) is an effective technique applicable in a wide range of areas, such as image compression and pattern recognition. The most time-consuming procedure of VQ is codebook training, and two of the frequently used training algorithms are LBG and self-organizing map (SOM). Nowadays, desktop computers are usually equipped with programmable(More)
This paper outlines recent progress towards the development of an innovative approach to an intelligent sensing network for airframe maintenance in hidden areas. In the maintenance of aircraft structures, substantial costs are associated with corrosion prevention and control, and a large proportion of these costs are incurred during regular inspections of(More)
An illumination adjustable image (IAI) contains a large number of prerecorded images under various light directions. Relighting a scene under complicated lighting conditions can be achieved from the IAI. Using the radial basis function (RBF) approach to represent an IAI is proven to be more efficient than using the spherical harmonic approach. However, to(More)