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INTRODUCTION Abdominal surgery is probably associated with more likelihood to cause acute kidney injury (AKI). The aim of this study was to evaluate whether early or late start of renal replacement therapy (RRT) defined by simplified RIFLE (sRIFLE) classification in AKI patients after major abdominal surgery will affect outcome. METHODS A multicenter(More)
INTRODUCTION Sepsis is the leading cause of acute kidney injury (AKI) in critical patients. The optimal timing of initiating renal replacement therapy (RRT) in septic AKI patients remains controversial. The objective of this study is to determine the impact of early or late initiation of RRT, as defined using the simplified RIFLE (risk, injury, failure,(More)
Existing chronic kidney disease (CKD) is among the most potent predictors of postoperative acute kidney injury (AKI). Here we quantified this risk in a multicenter, observational study of 9425 patients who survived to hospital discharge after major surgery. CKD was defined as a baseline estimated glomerular filtration rate <45 ml/min per 1.73 m(2). AKI was(More)
This study evaluated the associations between economic, social, psychological factors, and health-related quality of life of hemodialysis patients. Cross-sectional study design was used. End-stage renal disease patients who had received maintenance hemodialysis for more than 2 months at 14 centers in northern Taiwan were invited to participate. Demographic,(More)
BACKGROUND Autonomous secretion of aldosterone in patients with primary aldosteronism increases glomerular filtration rate and causes kidney damage. The influence of a mild decrease in kidney function on residual hypertension after adrenalectomy is unexplored. STUDY DESIGN Nonconcurrent prospective study. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS The study was based on(More)
BACKGROUND People who have come close to death may report an unusual experience known as a near-death experience (NDE). This study aims to investigate NDEs and their aftereffects in dialysis patients. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS 710 dialysis patients at 7 centers in Taipei, Taiwan. PREDICTOR Demographic characteristics,(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual function is one aspect of physical functioning. Sexual dysfunction, no matter the etiology, could cause distress. In female hemodialysis patients, sexual problems have often been neglected in clinical performance and research. METHODS We conducted this study by use of self-reported questionnaires. A total of 578 female hemodialysis(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of diuretic usage and dosage on the mortality of critically ill patients with acute kidney injury is still unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS In this prospective, multicenter, observational study, 572 patients with postsurgical acute kidney injury receiving hemodialysis were recruited and followed daily. Thirty-day postdialysis mortality(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic syndrome (MS) is thought to be a risk marker for cardiovascular diseases in the general population and in patients with chronic kidney disease. This study investigated whether the presence of MS also modifies cardiovascular (CV) outcomes among non-diabetic patients undergoing long-term peritoneal dialysis (PD). METHODS We enrolled 280(More)
This study evaluated the correlations between spiritual beliefs and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of hemodialysis (HD) patients in Taiwan. Participants had to complete two questionnaires: the 36-item Short Form Health Survey Questionnaire and the Royal Free Interview for Spiritual and Religious Beliefs. They were then divided into three groups(More)