Tze Sian Pui

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In the present work, the effect of a surface modification protocol along with the electrode size has been investigated for developing an efficient, label-free electrochemical biosensing method for diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (TBI) biomarkers. A microdisk electrode array (MDEA) and a macroelectrode with a comb structure (MECS) were modified with an(More)
Present work describes the methylene blue tagged thiolated aptamer-modified gold micro-array based biosensor for specific detection of IFN-γ. The microchips with the microelectrode array were fabricated using standard silicon microfabrication technologies, and modified with methylene blue tagged aptamer using standard gold thiol chemistry. Electrodes were(More)
Conventional Coulter counters have been introduced as an important tool in biological cell assays since several decades ago. Recently, the emerging portable Coulter counter has demonstrated its merits in point of care diagnostics, such as on chip detection and enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTC). The working principle is based on the cell(More)
Coulter counters have played an important role in biological cell assays since their introduction decades ago. Several types of high throughput micro-Coulter counters based on lab-on-chip devices have been commercialized recently. In this paper, we propose a highly integrated micro-Coulter counter array working under low DC voltage. The real-time electrical(More)
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