Tze Ming Chan

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Two-dimensional Fourier transform methods for homonuclear proton NMR spectroscopy have been introduced by Wüthrich and Ernst as a means of extending assignments in spectra of proteins. Multinuclear two-dimensional approaches also appear promising. We are applying current one- and two-dimensional NMR methods to protein family members that differ from one(More)
We report on the realization of functional infrared light concentrators based on a thick layer of air-polymer metamaterial with controlled pore size gradients. The design features an optimum gradient index profile leading to light focusing in the Fresnel zone of the structures for two selected operating wavelength domains near 5.6 and 10.4 μm. The(More)
A simple isocratic reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatograghic method for the separation of pseudoephedrine and its related compounds in pharmaceutical formulations is described. The separation is achieved in less than 35 min on a C-18 column (4.6 mm I.D. x 25 cm length, 5-micrometer particle size) using a mobile phase consisting of a mixture of(More)
The spectrophotometric method and the electron microscope have been used to determine the distribution function of Ag@Fe3O4 nanoparticles by sizes and to measure their complex refractive index. These particles have been synthesized as acomponent of magnetically controlled drugs with antibacterial properties. The algorithm of processing the results of the(More)
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