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When transmitting images over practical communication channels, they are subject to packet loss and random errors due to the noisy nature of the channel. Errors and data loss are customarily recovered by means of error correction coding/decoding. In this paper, robust error-recovery algorithms are developed by utilizing the redundancy inherent in frame(More)
The number of communication rounds is a classic complexity measure for protocols; reducing round complexity is a major goal in protocol design. However, when the communication time is inconstant, and in particular, when one of the parties intentionally delays its messages, the round complexity measure may become meaningless. For example, if one of the(More)
A new class of wavelet-type frames in signal space that uses (anti)symmetric waveforms is presented. The construction employs interpolatory filters with rational transfer functions. These filters have linear phase. They are amenable either to fast cascading or parallel recursive implementation. Robust error recovery algorithms are developed by utilizing the(More)
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