Tyson L Chasse

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Polarization modulation infrared reflectance absorption spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS) and infrared reflectance absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS) have been used to characterize the formation of a self-assembled monolayer of N-(3-dihydroxyborylphenyl)-11-mercaptoundecanamide) (abbreviated PBA) on a gold surface and the subsequent binding of various sugars to the PBA(More)
The thermodynamic redox potentials of films of constitutional isomers of iron-sulfur cluster core dendrimers were measured and compared. It was determined that the primary structure of the dendrimer influences its reduction potential. Dendrimers containing so-called backfolded linkages were more difficult to reduce than their extended analogues. This(More)
Three pairs of isomeric, iron-sulfur core dendrimers were prepared. Each isomer pair was distinguished by a 3,5-aromatic substitution pattern (extended) versus 2,6-aromatic substitution pattern (backfolded). Several observations were made that supported the hypothesis that the iron-sulfur cluster cores were encapsulated more effectively in the backfolded(More)
The electrochemical behavior of a film composed of a redox-active dendrimer was studied as a function of the type of counterion available during its reduction and reoxidation. The rate of permeation/migration of counterions into the film appeared to be the bottleneck to electron transfer through the film. Because the dendrimer is rather hydrophobic,(More)
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