Tyson A. Burch

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We report the results of typings, for immunoglobulin G allotypes, of 5392 Native Americans from ten samples, the typings having been performed over the last 20 years. Four cultural groups are represented: the Pimans-Pima and Papago; the Puebloans-Zuni and Hopi; the Pai-Walapai; and the Athabascans-Apache and Navajo. The haplotype Gm1;21 has the highest(More)
Solar-energy conversion through natural photosynthesis forms the base of virtually all food chains on Earth and provides fiber, materials, and fuels, as well as inspiration for the design of biomimetic energy-conversion systems. We summarize well-known as well as recently discovered feedback loops between natural light-harvesting systems and whole-organism(More)
While many microbial species produce glycerol as an internal osmoregulant, only some species release glycerol into the external medium. The present study compared the synergistic effects of light intensity and salinity on rates of glycerol release and growth in two marine species of Chlamydomonas (C. euryale and C. hedleyi) versus a freshwater species (C.(More)