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In this paper we investigate a uniquely complex organizational context—that of the fast-tracked large-scale project management of a significant piece of Sydney 2000 Olympic infrastructure, which we researched in terms of its management through the “future perfect.” In a grounded analysis we resolved to track how the future perfect developed in the life of(More)
M@n@gement is a double-blind reviewed journal where articles are published in their original language as soon as they have been accepted. Copies of this article can be made free of charge and without securing permission, for purposes of teaching, research, or library reserve. Consent to other kinds of copying, such as that for creating new works, or for(More)
Project managers require temporal skills and the ability to improvise when linear assumptions confront the complexities of managing projects within a context of strategic calculation. While the management and organization (MOS) literature emphasizes the importance of temporal skills for managing uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity, a dearth of project(More)
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