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—The theory of optimal control has the feature of minimizing the worst-case gain of an unknown disturbance input. When appropriately modified, the theory can be used to design a " switching " controller that can be applied to insulin injection for blood glucose (BG) regulation. The " switching " controller is defined by a collection of basic insulin rates(More)
This paper addresses the problem of estimating simultaneously a linear function of both the state and unknown input of linear system with unknown inputs. By adopting the descriptor system approach, the problem can be conveniently solved. Observers proposed in this paper are of low-order and do not include the derivatives of the outputs. New conditions for(More)
Darouach [1] recently derived necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence and stability of functional observers with an order, p, equals to the dimension m of the vectors to be estimated. In general, these conditions are difficult to satisfy and when they are not, the only available option is to increase the order of the functional observers. This(More)
This paper studies the problem of designing observer-based controllers for a class of delayed neural networks with nonlinear observation. The system under consideration is subject to nonlinear observation and an interval time-varying delay. The nonlinear observation output is any nonlinear Lipschitzian function and the time-varying delay is not required to(More)