Tyrone Donnon

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PURPOSE To conduct a meta-analysis of published studies to determine the predictive validity of the MCAT on medical school performance and medical board licensing examinations. METHOD The authors included all peer-reviewed published studies reporting empirical data on the relationship between MCAT scores and medical school performance or medical board(More)
INTRODUCTION Existing attitude scales on interprofessional education (IPE) focus on students' attitudes toward the concepts of teamwork and opportunities for IPE but fail to examine student perceptions of the learning modality that also plays an important role in the teaching and learning process. The purpose of this present study was to test the(More)
BACKGROUND Although there is no clear consensus about the process of screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), there are six common risk factors associated with DDH in patients less than 6 months of age (breech presentation, sex, family history, first-born, side of hip, and mode of delivery). METHODS A meta-analysis of published studies was(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of noninvasive laparoscopic surgery has raised concerns about appropriate teaching techniques for medical students considering surgery as a specialization. The principal aim of this study was to determine the effect, between the sexes, of cognitive imaging as a teaching method in the context of learning a surgical technique. (More)
OBJECTIVE Residents must become proficient in a variety of procedures. The practice of learning procedural skills on patients has come under ethical scrutiny, giving rise to the concept of simulation-based medical education. Resident training in a simulated environment allows skill acquisition without compromising patient safety. We assessed the impact of a(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical trainees develop surgical skills using various techniques, with simulators providing a safe learning environment. Fracture fixation is the most common procedure in orthopaedic surgery, and residents may benefit from simulated fracture fixation. The performance of residents on a virtual simulator that allows them to practice the surgical(More)
PURPOSE The use of multisource feedback (MSF) or 360-degree evaluation has become a recognized method of assessing physician performance in practice. The purpose of the present systematic review was to investigate the reliability, generalizability, validity, and feasibility of MSF for the assessment of physicians. METHOD The authors searched the EMBASE,(More)
BACKGROUND Although the reliability of admission interviews has been improved through the use of objective and structured approaches, there still remains the issue of identifying and measuring relevant attributes or noncognitive domains of interest. In this present study, we use generalizability theory to determine the estimated variance associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and empirically investigate the dimensions of leadership in medical education and healthcare professions. DESIGN A population-based design with a focus group and a survey were used to identify the perceived competencies for effective leadership in medical education. SETTING The focus group, consisting of five experts from three(More)
INTRODUCTION Curricular content is often based on the personal opinions of a small number of individuals. Although convenient, such curricula may not meet the needs of the target learner, the program or the institution. Using an objective method to ensure content validity of a curriculum can alleviate this issue. METHODS A form was created that listed(More)