Tyrone Bentley

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Childhood maltreatment has been implicated as a risk factor for adult obesity. We describe the first prospective assessment of adult obesity in individuals with documented histories of childhood physical and sexual abuse and neglect and a matched comparison group in a 30-year follow-up. Using a prospective cohort design, children with court substantiated(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated whether abused and neglected children are at risk for negative physical health outcomes in adulthood. METHODS Using a prospective cohort design, we matched children (aged 0-11 years) with documented cases of physical and sexual abuse and neglect from a US Midwestern county during 1967 through 1971 with nonmaltreated children.(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the usual pattern of intake and adherence to cystic fibrosis (CF) food and pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT) recommendations in preadolescent children with CF and pancreatic insufficiency (PI). METHODS Children, 8 to 11 years old, with CF and PI were assessed for PERT adherence ratio (number taken/number prescribed per(More)
We present a patient with minor dysmorphic features and a mosaic karyotype with two different abnormal cell lines, both involving abnormalities of chromosome 18. Twenty percent of cells studied (4/20) had 46 chromosomes with a large derivative pseudoisodicentric chromosome 18. This chromosome was deleted for 18pter and duplicated for part of proximal 18p(More)
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