Tyrell Cartwright

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One link in the complex chain of medical economics is the cost of bringing new drugs and biologicals to the market. Advances in recombinant-DNA technology permit production of therapeutically active proteins in effectively unlimited quantities. Nevertheless, each expression system has a characteristic influence on the nature of the product produced and the(More)
The hypoglycaemic effect of orally administered extracts of fruits of cultivated Momordica charantia (karela) was examined in normal and streptozotocin diabetic mice. In normal mice, an aqueous extract (A) lowered the glycaemic response to both oral and intraperitoneal glucose, without altering the insulin response. This aqueous extract (A) and the residue(More)
Antibodies present in the sera of a group of children with autoimmune hepatitis react with human cytochrome P450 IID6. cDNA constructions of various fragments of human P450 IID6 were made and expressed and the resulting peptides were tested in immunoblot with patients' sera. These allowed identification of at least two antigenic sites on the P450 molecule.(More)
Specific binding of angiogenin (ANG) to calf pulmonary artery endothelial cells was demonstrated. Cellular binding at 4 degrees C of 125I-labeled human recombinant ANG was time and concentration dependent, reversible, and saturable in the presence of increasing amounts of the unlabeled molecules. The interaction was shown to be specific since a large excess(More)
Angiogenin is a potent inducer of blood-vessel formation with ribonucleolytic activity. Angiogenin binds to high affinity endothelial cell receptors and with lower affinity to extracellular matrix components. Here we report the effect of copper and zinc on these interactions. There was a 4.3-fold increase in angiogenin binding to calf pulmonary artery(More)
The pleiotropic consequences of nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells (NF-κB) pathway activation result from the combinatorial effects of the five subunits that form the homo- and heterodimeric NF-κB complexes. Although biochemical and gene knockout studies have demonstrated overlapping and distinct functions for these proteins,(More)
The influence of the peptide chain length of partial enzymic hydrolysates of protein on nitrogen and amino acid absorption was studied in 12 subjects using a jejunal perfusion technique. Three hydrolysates of egg white and an equivalent amino acid mixture were perfused at 30 mmol/L and 100 mmol/L in two separate experiments. Two hydrolysates (OH1 and OH2)(More)
Two patients with HBsAg positive chronic active hepatitis have been treated with human fibroblast interferon 10(7) units daily for two weeks. Before treatment, both patients had high levels of hepatitis B surface antigen, core antibody, and DNA-binding antibody in the blood and one patient had a fourfold rise in serum AST. During treatment there was a(More)