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Protostellar Cosmic Rays and Extinct Radioactivities in Meteorites
Calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs) and chondrules of chondritic meteorites may originate with the melting of dustballs launched by a magnetically driven bipolar outflow from the inner edge ofExpand
Correction [to “Demonstration of 26Mg excess in Allende and evidence for 26Al”]
The first two paragraphs of this paper were omitted from the January 1976 issue due to an oversight by the AGU Office. We report the discovery of a large anomaly in the isotopic composition of MgExpand
Extinct Radioactivities and Protosolar Cosmic Rays: Self-Shielding and Light Elements
We study the eUects of self-shielding in the X-wind model of protosolar cosmic-ray irradiation of early solar-system rocks. We adopt a two-component picture of protoCAIs consisting of cores with theExpand
Toward an Astrophysical Theory of Chondrites
The chondrules, calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs), and rims in chondritic meteorites could be formed when solid bodies are lifted by the aerodynamic drag of a magnetocentrifugally driven windExpand
The calibration of D[Sr/Ca] versus sea-surface temperature relationship for
A press for making parts from material comprising a die plate having first and second passages extending completely therethrough. One end of each of the passages defines a die. The die plate hasExpand
Demonstration of 26 Mg excess in Allende and evidence for 26 Al
We report the discovery of a large anomaly in the isotopic composition of Mg in a Ca-Al rich chondrule from the Allende meteorite. This anomaly is manifest independently of instrumental fractionationExpand
Aluminum-26 in the early solar system - Fossil or fuel
The isotopic composition of Mg was measured in different phases of a Ca-Al rich inclusion in the Allende meteorite. Large excesses of /sup 26/Mg of up to 10% were found. These excesses correlateExpand
The Origin of Chondrules and Refractory Inclusions in Chondritic Meteorites
Examples of calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs) surrounded by thick chondrule mantles have been found in chondritic meteorites and cast doubt on the conventional belief that CAIs and chondrulesExpand
The Irradiation Origin of Beryllium Radioisotopes and Other Short-lived Radionuclides
Two explanations exist for the short-lived radionuclides (T1/2 ≤ 5 Myr) present in the solar system when the calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs) first formed. They originated either from theExpand
The partition of Be between soil and water
Abstract An extensive and systematic investigation of Be partition between solid and water was carried out using laboratory batch experiments with radioactive 7Be tracer. We found that: (1) Be isExpand