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It is known that every hypercube Q n is a bipartite graph. Assume that n 2 and F is a subset of edges with |F | n − 2. We prove that there exists a hamiltonian path in Q n − F between any two vertices of different partite sets. Moreover, there exists a path of length 2 n − 2 between any two vertices of the same partite set. Assume that n 3 and F is a subset(More)
Utility of an itemset is considered as the value of this itemset, and utility mining aims at identifying the itemsets with high utilities. The temporal high utility itemsets are the itemsets whose support is larger than a pre-specified threshold in current time window of the data stream. Discovery of temporal high utility itemsets is an important process(More)
As text documents are explosively increasing in the Internet, the process of hierarchical document clustering has been proven to be useful for grouping similar documents for versatile applications. However, most document clustering methods still suffer from challenges in dealing with the problems of high dimensionality, scalability, accuracy, and meaningful(More)
Utility itemsets typically consist of items with different values such as utilities, and the aim of utility mining is to identify the itemsets with highest utilities. In the past studies on utility mining, the values of utility itemsets were considered as positive. In some applications, however, an itemset may be associated with negative item values. Hence,(More)
Anaphora resolution is one of essential tasks in message understanding. In this paper resolution for pronominal and sortal anaphora, which are common in biomedical texts, is addressed. The resolution was achieved by employing UMLS ontology and SA/AO (subject-action/action-object) patterns mined from biomedical corpus. On the other hand, sortal anaphora for(More)
In this paper, a resolution system is presented to tackle nominal and pronominal anaphora in biomedical literature by using rich set of syntactic and semantic features. Unlike previous researches, the verification of semantic association between anaphors and their antecedents is facilitated by exploiting more outer resources, including UMLS, WordNet, GENIA(More)
With the rapid growth of text documents, document clustering technique is 1 emerging for efficient document retrieval and better document browsing. Recently, some 2 methods had been proposed to resolve the problems of high dimensionality, scalability, 3 accuracy, and meaningful cluster labels by using frequent itemsets derived from association 4 rule mining(More)