Tyler Susko

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The MIT-Skywalker is a novel robotic device developed for the rehabilitation or habilitation of gait and balance after a neurological injury. It represents an embodiment of the concept exhibited by passive walkers for rehabilitation training. Its novelty extends beyond the passive walker quintessence to the unparalleled versatility among lower extremity(More)
Locomotion involves complex neural networks responsible for automatic and volitional actions. During locomotion, motor strategies can rapidly compensate for any obstruction or perturbation that could interfere with forward progression. In this pilot study, we examined the contribution of interlimb pathways for evoking muscle activation patterns in the(More)
A novel concept of rehabilitation is proposed for the recovery of walking post-stroke made possible by a novel piece of robotic hardware, the MIT Skywalker-γ prototype. Rather than prescribing motion for the patient similar to most current rehabilitation robots, we built an environment to foster self-directed movement. The concept is based upon our(More)
A novel ensemble-based approach of cycle variance is proposed for the assessment of gait rhythmicity of people affected by stroke or cerebral palsy. Three impaired participants (two with cerebral palsy and one with a stroke) completed a one-month rehabilitation training program utilizing a novel piece of robotic hardware, the MIT-Skywalker. The(More)
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