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Researchers are striving to understand the biomechanics of concussive injury that occur in the context of sport by using a number of methodologies. Animal models, video reconstruction, and helmet-based accelerometers have all been used, but have their limitations. The Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System permits the real-time in vivo tracking of all impacts(More)
Concussion is a major public health concern with nearly 4 million injuries occurring each year in the United States. In the acute post-injury stage, concussed individuals demonstrate cognitive function and motor control declines as well as reporting increased symptoms. Researchers have hypothesized that the severity of these impairments is related to impact(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous in situ single screw fixation is the preferred treatment for stable and unstable slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE). The recommended screw placement is in the center of the epiphysis and perpendicular to the physis, which necessitates an anterior starting point for most SCFEs. A recent clinical study has shown good clinical(More)
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