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The gene tpa-1 on chromosome IV of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans plays a major and definitive role in the adversary action of tumour-promoting phorbol esters, which induce growth arrest and locomotory distress in the animal. The gene was deduced to code for a protein kinase C (PKC) homologue by molecular cloning. We have now sequenced the complete(More)
The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans displays developmental and behavioural sensitivity to tumour-promoting phorbol esters. This sensitivity involves the gene tpa-1, which encodes two protein kinase C isoforms, TPA-1A and TPA-1B. Here we report the molecular nature of the sensitivity in this animal. Characterization of transposon Tc1-induced phorbol(More)
carbon-bearing Ni(II)-femte (CBNF) was prepared by repeated decomposition of CO2 on Hz-reduced Ni(II> femte. The material was also characterized by Mossbauer spectra, XRD and chemical analysis. A peculiar amorphous surface layer composed of carbon, divalent transition metals and oxide ions (CIO layer) was found to be synthesized on the surface of the CBNF.(More)
5083 aluminum alloy is a light-weight and strain-hardened material used in high strain-rate applications such as those experienced under shock loading. Symmetric real-time (in situ) and end-state (ex situ recovery) plate impact shock experiments were conducted to study the spall response and the effects of microstructure on the spall properties of both(More)
We perform numerical simulations of magneto-rotational instability in a local patch of accretion disk in which radiation pressure exceeds gas pressure. Such conditions may occur in the central regions of disks surrounding compact objects in active galactic nuclei and Galactic X-ray sources. We assume axisymmetry, and neglect vertical stratification. The(More)
A novel coherent beam combiner, capable of combining large numbers of femtosecond pulse beams using two diffractive optics, is presented. The diffractive optic pair cancels pulse front tilt, while uncorrected dispersions are minimized. An example using four beams is modeled numerically and tested experimentally, demonstrating 120 fs pulses combined without(More)
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