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A method for measuring the transit time of a meal, containing sausages, mashed potato, baked beans, and a pineapple custard dessert, through the gastrointestinal tract was evaluated in 14 healthy volunteers. Gastric emptying was determined by incorporating a radioactive marker in the meal and counting over the surface of the stomach using a crystal(More)
The physiological effects of increased tissue pressure were studied using a model system in which known pressures were applied uniformly to the hindlimbs of rabbits for a period of 5 h. Muscle blood flow was monitored using a new argon washout technique. Muscle pO 2 , pCO 2 , and pAr were measured using a Teflon membrane catheter-mass spectrometer system.(More)
The potential for amniotic fluid stem cell (AFSC) treatment to inhibit the progression of fibrotic lung injury has not been described. We have previously demonstrated that AFSC can attenuate both acute and chronic-fibrotic kidney injury through modification of the cytokine environment. Fibrotic lung injury, such as in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), is(More)
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