Tyler Reynolds

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We have shown that in the central nervous system BN receptors are closely associated with 5-HT systems. On a subpopulation of dorsal raphe neurons, NMB receptors are able to depolarize cells by reducing gK+. In one of the target regions of the dorsal raphe 5-HT neurons, the SCN, we have also shown that neurons are excited by BN-related peptides. In the SCN,(More)
We have previously described a monoclonal antibody (MAb), M7/14, which blocks a variety of T cell functions, including CTL-mediated killing, the mixed lymphocyte response, and antigen-specific proliferation. The antigen defined by M7/14 has been designated lymphocyte function-associated antigen one (LFA-1). In this report, LFA-1 has been studied as to cell(More)
Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) have been used to probe the relationship of cytolytic T lymphocyte (CTL) surface molecules to CTL function. Rat MAb to mouse CTL were generated. Twelve MAb so obtained gave preferential binding to T cells as compared to B cells, and three of these recognized previously undescribed surface polypeptides. These Mab and more broadly(More)
14. Nonoyama, M.. and J. S. Pagano. 1971. Detection of Epstein-Barr viral genome in nonproductive cells. Nature (New Biol.) 233:103. 15. Nonoyama. M. 1975. Detection of tumor virus genomes by nucleic hybridization. Int. Rev. Exp. Pathol. 14:69. 16. Raab-Traub. N., T. Dambaugh. and E. Kieff. 1980. DNA of Epstein-Barr virus VIII. 895-8, the Prennis prototype,(More)
BACKGROUND We retrospectively reviewed the performance of the mosaic porcine, bovine pericardial, and homograft prostheses for pulmonary valve replacement to correct chronic pulmonary insufficiency. METHODS From January 1995 to August 2006, 82 patients (mean age, 22.7 years) underwent valve replacement with porcine (49 patients), bovine pericardial (18(More)
Adenosine is likely to be a frequent constituent of the tumor microenvironment since this purine nucleoside is produced in quantity by hypoxic cells such as those found in the interior of poorly vascularized solid tumors. In this study we show that 2-chloroadenosine (2CA), a stable analogue of adenosine, inhibits, in a dose-dependent fashion,(More)
We performed a prospective randomized study to compare the use of a bare metal stent (WALLSTENT Endoprosthesis) with use of a covered stent (WALLGRAFT Endoprosthesis)-both made by Schneider, Inc.; Minneapolis, Minn-for the treatment of complex iliac artery stenosis and occlusion. We report the preliminary results of a study performed at our institution from(More)
The actions of the peptides bombesin (BN), gastrin releasing peptide (GRP), neuromedin C (NMC), litorin and neuromedin B (NMB) were studied on neurons in slices of rat brain maintained in vitro to determine the BN receptor type present in different brain areas. Intracellular and extracellular recordings were made from hypothalamic neurons on the border of(More)
Whole-cell recordings were made, in both current and voltage clamp, from suprachiasmatic neurones maintained in coronal rat brain slices. In current clamp doses of 10 and 100 nM neuromedin C (NMC) were shown to increase basal firing rate in 9 out of 32 neurones. The excitatory responses to 100 nM NMC were accompanied by small increases in neuronal input(More)