Tyler Milston Renner

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Enzymatic deamination of cytidines in DNA is an intrinsic component of antibody maturation and retroviral resistance, but can also be a source of HIV drug resistance and cancer-causing mutations. Here, we developed a high-throughput method based on high resolution melt (HRM) analysis called HyperHRM that can screen genomic DNA for rare hypermutated proviral(More)
UNLABELLED Retroviruses are pathogens with rapid infection cycles that can be a source of disease, genome instability, and tumor development in their hosts. Host intrinsic restriction factors, such as APOBEC3 (A3) proteins, are constitutively expressed and dedicated to interfering with the replication cycle of retroviruses. To survive, propagate, and(More)
Vaccinia virus (VV) is an oncolytic virus that is currently being evaluated as a promising cancer vaccine in several phase I, II and III clinical trials. Although several quality control tests are performed on each new batch of virus, these do not routinely include a systematic characterization of virus particle homogeneity, or relate the infectious titer(More)
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