Tyler M Gibson

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Extracellular matrix-based biomaterials are currently pursued as an alternative to autologous transplants for the treatment of gingival recession and periodontal disease. These grafts offer improved tissue regeneration without the need for a second operative procedure used in current treatments to remove nonresorbable synthetic biomaterials. However, while(More)
Transfection with in vitro transcribed mRNAs is a safe and effective tool to convert somatic cells to any cell type of interest. One caveat of mRNA transfection is that mRNAs are recognized by multiple RNA-sensing toll like receptors (TLRs). These TLRs can both promote and inhibit cellular reprogramming. We demonstrated that mRNA transfection stimulated(More)
The study of cell lineage commitment is critical for improving our understanding of tissue development and regeneration, and for realizing stem cell-based therapies and engineered tissue replacements. Recently, the discovery of an unanticipated degree of variability in fundamental biological processes, including divergent responses of genetically identical(More)
Cell differentiation is the foundation for tissue development and regeneration, disease modeling, and cell-based therapies. Although the differentiation of cell populations has been extensively studied in many systems, much less is known about the distribution of decision making of single cells within these populations. To characterize the differentiation(More)
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