Tyler L. Westover

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Thermal transport and breakdown in Joule-heated GaN nanowires is investigated using a combination of microphotoluminescence and in situ TEM characterization. The thermal conductivity of the nanowires is estimated to be <80 W/m.K, which is substantially below the bulk GaN value. Catastrophic breakdown in individual nanowires is observed to occur at a maximum(More)
Terrestrial lignocellulosic biomass has the potential to be a carbon neutral and domestic source of fuels and chemicals. However, the innate variability of biomass resources, such as herbaceous and woody materials, and the inconsistency within a single resource due to disparate growth and harvesting conditions, presents challenges for downstream processes(More)
Inorganic species (ash) in biomass feedstocks negatively impact thermochemical and biochemical energy conversion processes. In this work, a process simulation model is developed to model the reduction in ash content of loblolly logging residues using a combination of air classification and dilute-acid leaching. Various scenarios are considered, and it is(More)
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