Tyler L Vanderzanden

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Push-ups are a common and practical exercise that is used to enhance fitness, including upper body strength or endurance. The kinetic characteristics of push-ups and its variations are yet to be quantified. Kinetic quantification is necessary to accurately evaluate the training load, and thus the nature of the training stimulus, for these exercise(More)
This study evaluated the effectiveness of a periodized plyometric training program and the impact of the duration of the post-training recovery period on countermovement jump performance. Fourteen women subjects participated in a 6-week periodized plyometric training program. Ten women subjects served as non-training controls. All subjects' countermovement(More)
Plyometric exercises are frequently used in strength and conditioning and rehabilitation programs because the landing phase of these exercises requires dynamic stabilization. This study examined the differences in landing stability of a variety of plyometric exercises by assessing time to stabilization (TTS), its reliability, and sex differences therein.(More)
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