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Since the collapse of the I-35W bridge in August 2007, bridge health monitoring has become an area of intense interest. This report defines terminology related to bridge health monitoring and provides a general glossary of available monitoring systems. The glossary is meant to help readers make an informed decision by understanding how different systems(More)
Data from 11,000 public supply wells in 87 study areas were used to assess the quality of nearly all of the groundwater used for public supply in California. Two metrics were developed for quantifying groundwater quality: area with high concentrations (km(2) or proportion) and equivalent-population relying upon groundwater with high concentrations (number(More)
Invasion by Tamarix (L.) can severely alter riparian areas of the western U.S., which are globally rare ecosystems. The upper Verde River, Arizona, is a relatively free-flowing river and has abundant native riparian vegetation. Tamarix is present on the upper Verde but is a minor component of the vegetation (8% of stems). This study sought to determine(More)
BACKGROUND As electronic health records (EHRs) become ubiquitous in the health care industry, privacy breaches are increasing and being made public. These breaches may make consumers wary of the technology, undermining its potential to improve care coordination and research. OBJECTIVE Given the developing concerns around privacy of personal health(More)
This class is an introduction to American political behavior. We will assess historical and modern debates in American politics as to why people think the way they do about issues and candidates and how the decisions individuals make affect political outcomes. Several broad topics in mass politics will be covered: the nature of mass belief systems, the(More)
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