Tyler Johnson

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Figure 1: A two-projector display after both projectors have been moved (left) and after roughly ten seconds of operation (middle,right). ABSTRACT We present a novel calibration framework for multi-projector displays that achieves continuous geometric calibration by estimating and refining the poses of all projectors in an ongoing fashion during actual(More)
Using projectors to create perspectively correct imagery on arbitrary display surfaces requires geometric knowledge of the display surface shape, the projector calibration, and the user's position in a common coordinate system. Prior solutions have most commonly modeled the display surface as a tessellated mesh derived from the 3D-point cloud acquired(More)
—Large-scale graph structures are considered as a keystone for many emerging high-performance computing applications in which Breadth-First Search (BFS) is an important building block. For such graph structures, BFS operations tends to be memory-bound rather than compute-bound. In this paper, we present an efficient reconfigurable architecture for parallel(More)
Projectors equipped with wide-angle lenses can have an advantage over traditional projectors in creating immersive display environments since they can be placed very close to the display surface to reduce user shadowing issues while still producing large images. However, wide-angle projectors exhibit severe image distortion requiring the image generator to(More)
Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) has provided serious improvements over the now deprecated wired equivalent privacy (WEP) protocol. WPA, however, still has some °aws that allow an attacker to obtain the passphrase. One of these °aws is exposed when the access point (AP) is operating in the WPA personal mode. This is the most common mode, as it is the quickest(More)
By reducing optimization to a sequence of small subproblems, working set methods achieve fast convergence times for many challenging problems. Despite excellent performance, theoretical understanding of working sets is limited, and implementations often resort to heuristics to determine subproblem size, makeup, and stopping criteria. We propose BLITZ, a(More)
BACKGROUND Cholesterol plays an important role in cancer development, drug resistance and chemoimmuno-sensitivity. Statins, cholesterol lowering drugs, can induce apoptosis, but also negatively interfere with CD-20 and rituximab-mediated activity. Our goal is to identify the alternative targets that could reduce cholesterol levels but do not interfere with(More)
We describe a new sand table display that combines physical models with computer-generated projection and painting-style interaction. Designed for military training, our sand table has physical models of buildings , illuminated by multiple projectors adding aerial and synthetic imagery, with additional imagery for location and movement of personnel.(More)
Sulfolobus solfataricus is a thermoacidophilic crenarcheote with a 3.0-Mb genome. Here, we report the genome sequence of S. solfataricus strain 98/2, along with several evolved derivatives generated through experimental microbial evolution for enhanced thermoacidophily.