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Microplitis demolitor Bracovirus Proviral Loci and Clustered Replication Genes Exhibit Distinct DNA Amplification Patterns during Replication
ABSTRACT Polydnaviruses are large, double-stranded DNA viruses that are beneficial symbionts of parasitoid wasps. Polydnaviruses in the genus Bracovirus (BVs) persist in wasps as proviruses, andExpand
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Rapid Viral Symbiogenesis via Changes in Parasitoid Wasp Genome Architecture
Viral genome integration provides a complex route to biological innovation that has rarely but repeatedly occurred in one of the most diverse lineages of organisms on the planet, parasitoid wasps. WeExpand
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Characterization of a venom gland-associated rhabdovirus in the parasitoid wasp Diachasmimorpha longicaudata.
Parasitoid wasps reproduce by laying their eggs on or inside of a host insect, which triggers a defense response in the host insect that kills the developing wasp. To counteract the host's lethalExpand
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Niche Conservatism for Ecological Preference in the Louisiana iris species complex.
Spatial and temporal environmental variation influences evolutionary processes such as divergence among populations and species. Here, we investigate the patterns of niche evolution for the LouisianaExpand
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