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We show that multi-path analysis using images from a timeof-flight (ToF) camera provides a tantalizing opportunity to infer about 3D geometry of not only visible but hidden parts of a scene. We provide a novel framework for reconstructing scene geometry from a single viewpoint using a camera that captures a 3D time-image I(x, y, t) for each pixel. We(More)
This Working Paper Series allows the broader dissemination of the scholarship of the University of Minnesota-Morris Faculty, staff, and students. It is hoped that this Series will create a broader and much more accessible forum within the borderless academic community, and will further stimulate constructive dialogues among the scholar-teachers at large.(More)
We propose a novel framework called transient imaging for image formation and scene understanding through impulse illumination and time images. Using time-of-flight cameras and multi-path analysis of global light transport, we pioneer new algorithms and systems for scene understanding through time images. We demonstrate that our proposed transient imaging(More)
How can we show our 16 megapixel photos from our latest trip on a digital display? How can we create screens that are visible in direct sunlight as well as complete darkness? How can we create large displays that consume less than 2W of power? How can we create design tools for digital decal application and intuitive-computer aided modeling?
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