Tyler Goldberg

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UNLABELLED Fifty consecutive patients with late infected total knee arthroplasties were treated by debridement and removal of all components and cement, preserving the collateral ligaments. At the time of debridement, an articulating spacer was made to allow partial weightbearing and range of motion of the knee during rehabilitation. This spacer was(More)
Cement remains the "gold standard" for fixation in total knee arthroplasty. Between 1991 and 1998, 128 consecutive knees in 109 patients underwent primary cemented total knee arthroplasty using a surface cementation technique. The average follow-up was 95 (range, 63-155) months. Preoperative range of motion (ROM) averaged 5 degrees to 111 degrees which(More)
Infection is a devastating complication after total-hip arthroplasty. Between June 1991 and December 2001, 42 patients were treated at our center for chronically infected total-hip arthroplasty using a 2-stage articulating antibiotic hip spacer technique. Of the 27 patients available for review, 26 (94%) remain clinically free of infection at an average 76(More)
BACKGROUND To analyze aspect ratio (AP size/ (ML) size) of osteoarthritic knees at four different areas of the femur and to observe if proximalization of the femoral cut would change the ML size as well as confirm that external rotation increases the measurements for the AP dimensions of the femur. METHOD From the available MyKnee database (Medacta(More)
Follow-up of indigent patients is difficult. Demographics collected at initial hospitalization change often and are unreliable. In a boxer fracture study, at 1-year follow-up, 3 out of 100 patients were available. This poor performance prompted investigation of new methods for intake/ongoing care. A direct comparison of two studies was conducted. In study(More)
It is broadly acknowledged that effective serials management supports and requires a close link between the staff in technical and public services. More recently, new technological opportunities combined with changes in library organization and administration have greatly facilitated this linkage. The nature and structure of a library’s organization can aid(More)
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