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The inverse method, due to Maslov, is a forward theorem provingmethod for cut-free sequent calculi that relies on the subformula property. The Logic of Bunched Implications (BI), due to Pym and O’Hearn, is a logic which freely combines the familiar connectives of intuitionistic logic with multiplicative linear conjunction and its adjoint implication. We(More)
The volume of the right ventricle can be determined angiographically from its projections in two mutually perpendicular planes. Echocardiographic techniques for measuring right ventricular volume, however, have been more difficult and less successful. In this study, a method was developed for calculating right ventricular volume from two intersecting(More)
The relationship of right atrial inversion, a previously undescribed cross-sectional echocardiographic sign, to the presence of cardiac tamponade was examined. We studied 127 patients with moderate or large pericardial effusions. Cardiac tamponade was present in 19 and absent in 104. Four patients with equivocal tamponade were excluded from analysis. Right(More)
Primary chylopericardium is often a benign asymoptomatic disease, but patients with associated mediastinal lymphatic tumors may develop cardiac tamponade. Lymphangiography demonstrates mediastinal lymphatic abnormalities in these high risk patients on whom subtotal pericardiectomy and thoracic duct ligation should be performed. Since such tumors have been(More)
Serial blood pressure recordings were taken for 72 hours in 112 patients with acute myocardial infarction and in 96 patients with cardiac ischemia, admitted to hospital no more than 6 hours after the onset of chest pain. During the first hour of admission 66 (31.7%) had a blood pressure recorded 160/100 or greater. By the sixth hour, without specific(More)
  • T Gibson
  • Baillière's clinical rheumatology
  • 1995
Arthritis is a common feature of leprosy and contributes to disability. Direct invasion of joints and bones by mycobacteria may lead to a destructive arthritis in lepromatous disease. The infective process may involve few or many joints. Reactional states may occur spontaneously but usually after the initiation of anti-mycobacterial treatment. In both the(More)
The cardiac changes associated with myasthenia gravis have been reviewed and specific areas explored. There is no doubt concerning the involvement of the myocardium in this disease as indicated by clinical, ECG, vectorcardiographic, and autopsy data. The doubt lies in the precipitating factor for the pathology found. On the one hand the whole picture could(More)
Right ventricular (RV) volumes determined by echocardiography were compared with those measured using established angiographic formulas. RV cast displacement volumes were first correlated with data derived from radiographic images of the casts corresponding to standard angiographic RV views. Four established angiographic formulas (Ferlinz, Boak, Fisher and(More)