Tyler G. Moore

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Push-buttons are used widely as important controls on a large number of machines ranging from tiny electronic calculators to heavy industrial plant. Although there are some similar design problems for all sizes of button there are also very big differences. Considerable work has been done on keyboard button design but little has been written about the(More)
Despite the widespread use of push-buttons as important controls on industrial equipment, little has been written about the human factors involved in their use. In a previous paper (Moore, 1974) the tactile and kinaesthetic aspects of push-buttons were examined. The purpose of the present paper is to explain the wider ergonomic aspects of push-buttons in(More)
Inspired by biological systems, self-assembly aims to construct complex structures. It functions through piece-wise, local interactions among component parts and has the potential to produce novel materials and devices at the nanoscale. Algorithmic self-assembly models the product of self-assembly as the output of some computational process, and attempts to(More)
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