Tyler E Nelson

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A technique of computed tomography with intravenous contrast has proven useful in the differentiation between osteoid osteoma and other similar appearing lucent lesions of bone in 6 cases. The clinical evaluation of benign appearing radiolucent lesions of long bones has been greatly improved by the use of modern imaging techniques. The differential(More)
PURPOSE Le Fort III osteotomy and midfacial advancement expand the nasopharynx and potentially increase airway dimensions in patients with syndromic bilateral coronal synostosis. Distraction osteogenesis allows greater midfacial advancement, and may offer more improvement in airway obstruction, compared with the conventional 1-stage procedure. This study(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if oral creatine (CR) ingestion, compared to a placebo (PL), would enable swimmers to maintain a higher swimming velocity across repeated interval sets over 2 weeks of supplementation. Fourteen female and 18 male university swimmers consumed a PL during a 2-week baseline period. Using a randomized, double-blind(More)
The present study attempts to determine if malignant hyperthermia susceptibility (MHS) is limited to muscles composed predominantly of a single major fiber type. The MHS trapezius muscle (49 per cent type 1 and 51 per cent type 2 fibers) has greater abnormal contracture response to halothane or to caffeine than does MHS gracilis (11 per cent type 1 and 80(More)
This study assessed the ability of four different activity monitors to discriminate changes in treadmill walking velocity. The relationships between walking velocity and bodily movement and between bodily movement and energy expenditure determined by indirect calorimetry (IC-EE or METs) were determined. Twenty-eight subjects walked at 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 5.6,(More)
Two hundred and thirty four suspected primary bone and soft tissue tumours were investigated using plain films and MRI. The MR appearance of 200 of these tumours was assessed with respect to the intensity of the lesion, the homogeneity of the tumour, the presence or absence of a capsule or lobulation, whether the tumour was whorled or not and whether it(More)
To present the Mayo Clinic experience with treatment of melanoma of the trunk and extremities, we reviewed previous Mayo Clinic studies on the management of malignant melanoma and summarized the survival data and treatment-related outcome. A prospective trial involving elective lymph node dissection in 171 patients with malignant melanoma showed no(More)
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