Tyler D. Scott

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The development of sarcoma within a glioblastoma is a well recognised complication: in the majority of cases it is a fibro-sarcoma originating in the tissues of the proliferating hyperplastic blood vessels. In the case described here the tumour is a rhabdomyosarcoma, apparently derived from abnormal prolific vascular mesenchyme. Only one comparable example(More)
Introduction There have been a number of computer based mathematical education projects in Scottish universities over a fairly long period of time [1, 2, 3]. In parallel with these efforts, funding bodies in the United Kingdom have invested heavily in the creation of CAL materials through initiatives like CTI (Computers in Teaching Initiative from 1984) and(More)
The terms collaborative governance and organizational networks are not always clearly distinguished in the literature. Therefore it has been difficult to understand how one affects the other. We define collaborative governance as the creation and support of collaborative partnerships by public agencies. Networks, by contrast, are organically developed by(More)
The ultrastructure of the nervous tissue in a benign ovarian teratoma is described. This tissue was organized into areas having both "meningeal" and "ependymal" surfaces, between which were found astrocytes, ependymal cells, neurones with synapses and microglia. These cells all had ultrastructural similarities to their normal counterparts in the nervous(More)
Electron microscopy of the parietal cortex and subcortical white matter of argyric rat brain revealed extremely fine 10--15 nm deposits of silver within the basal laminae of some arterioles. Stab-wound injury to argyric rats resulted in increased silver deposits in arteriolar basal laminae but not in any deposition of silver in the brain parenchyma.
An ultrastructural study of cerebellar lesions involving axonal and myelin degeneration induced in adult Swiss A2G mice by 3 intraperitoneal inoculations of avirulent Semliki Forest virus is described. Cerebellar white matter samples examined by light and electron miscroscopy 21 days after the first virus infection revealed microcystic areas, degenerating(More)