Tyler Colombo

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An original goal of the Kaiser-Permanente Neighborhood Health Center Project was to organize the project so that a medically indigent population would be able to utilize fully and appropriately the services of a complex medical care program. A special program of outreach services was designed as the principal means to achieve this goal. This study was made(More)
A special program of outreach services was implemented to assist a poverty population to appropriately use health services in the Kaiser-Permanente Medical Care Program. A study was conducted to determine the effect of outreach workers' intervention on the use of preventive services by this population. Intially, families were divided into two groups, one(More)
This demonstration program for the treatment of alcoholism is based on the premise that alcoholism is a disease and that the primary care physician should play the central role in the overall management of alcoholism. The context of the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) encourages the physician to assume responsibility for the care of the alcoholic and(More)
A great deal of research in educational data mining is geared towards predicting student performance. Bayesian Knowledge Tracing, Performance Factors Analysis, and the different variations of these have been introduced and have had some success at predicting student knowledge. It is worth noting, however, that very little has been done to determine what a(More)
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