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Only recently has laser welding been applied to dental technology, primarily as an alternative to soldering. This article addresses how the laser is used for welding, the effect welding has on metals as the energy is converted into heat and reacts with the alloy's surface and the practicality of laser welding in the dental laboratory. A step-by-step(More)
Accredited formal educational programs in dental laboratory technology are now under pressures at levels they have never undergone before. Already pushed to the point where many have had to close their doors, the remainder are struggling to survive with already strained resources. Whether or not they will be able to maintain their existence will depend upon(More)
Three Minor League Baseball leagues across the Southeastern United States are studied in order to determine what drives fan attendance. Individual game attendance and game characteristics are examined for three leagues located in the American southeast, the Florida State League, the Southern League, and the South Atlantic League. Despite the three leagues(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to identify any difference of vertical dimension change that could be attributed to not using a face-bow transfer. Both demonstrations resulted in occlusal changes in vertical dimension. In comparing the demonstrations, where a hinge axis transfer was not taken, a greater amount of change was recorded over that observer(More)
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