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Two large-scale yeast two-hybrid screens were undertaken to identify protein-protein interactions between full-length open reading frames predicted from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome sequence. In one approach, we constructed a protein array of about 6,000 yeast transformants, with each transformant expressing one of the open reading frames as a fusion(More)
X-ray microanatysis has revealed that the sodium content of the stomatal guard cells of Aster tripolium remains much lower than that of other leaf cells when the plants are grown at high salinity. Large amounts of sodium did, in contrast, accumulate in epidermal and subsidiary cells, and particularly in the mesophyll tissue, suggesting that a mechanism(More)
A fluoroorotic acid (FOA)-resistant mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana was isolated by screening M2 populations of ethyl methane sulphonate (EMS)-mutagenized Columbia seed. FOA resistance was due to a nuclear recessive gene, for1-1, which locates to a 519 kb region in chromosome 5. Assays of key regulatory enzymes in de novo pyrimidine synthesis (uridine(More)
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