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Negative-index metamaterials (NIMs) are engineered structures with optical properties that cannot be obtained in naturally occurring materials. Recent work has demonstrated that focused ion beam and layer-by-layer electron-beam lithography can be used to pattern the necessary nanoscale features over small areas (hundreds of µm(2)) for metamaterials with(More)
The temperature dependent Hall mobility data from La-doped SrTiO 3 thin films are analyzed and modeled considering various electron scattering mechanisms. We find that a ∼6 meV transverse optical phonon deformation potential scattering mechanism is necessary to explain the dependence of transport on temperature between 10–200 K. Also, we find that the low(More)
Heterointerfaces in complex oxide systems open new arenas in which to test models of strongly correlated material, explore the role of dimensionality in metal-insulator-transitions (MITs) and small polaron formation. Close to the quantum critical point Mott MITs depend on band filling controlled by random disordered substitutional doping. Delta-doped Mott(More)
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