Tylan Watkins

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We introduce a synthetic strategy to access functional semiconductors with general formula A(3)XY (A = IV, X-Y = III-V) representing a new class within the long-sought family of group IV/III-V hybrid compounds. The method is based on molecular precursors that combine purposely designed polar/nonpolar bonding at the nanoscale, potentially allowing precise(More)
We are currently in the midst of a race to discover and develop new battery materials capable of providing high energy-density at low cost. By combining a high-performance Si electrode architecture with a room temperature ionic liquid electrolyte, here we demonstrate a highly energy-dense lithium-ion cell with an impressively long cycling life, maintaining(More)
Chelating ionic liquids (ILs), in which polyether chains are pendent from the organic pyrrolidinium cation of the ILs (PEGylated ILs), were prepared that facilitate reversible electrochemical deposition/dissolution of Mg from a Mg(BH4)2 source. Mg electrodeposition processes in two specific PEGylated-ILs were compared against that in the widely studied(More)
Raman spectroscopy was employed to assess the complex environment of magnesium salts in the n-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide (BMPyrTFSI) room-temperature ionic liquid (RTIL). At room temperature, Mg(TFSI)2 was miscible with BMPyrTFSI and formulated by [Mg(TFSI)2](x)[BMPyrTFSI](1-x) (x ≤ 0.55). Results suggest that at low(More)
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