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and thus a draft of a proposed IEEE-SA Standard 1484.12.1 As such, this document may still be subject to changes in the final editing for publishing by IEEE as an approved IEEE – SA Standard. Permission is hereby granted for IEEE Standards Committee participants to reproduce this document for purposes of IEEE standardization activities only. Prior to(More)
FOREWORD This document defines and presents several solutions to the cross-domain scripting security issue with a Sharable Content Object (SCO)'s ECMAScript (i.e. JavaScript) access to a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Application Program Interface (API) Instance. It is technical in nature and is meant for IT specialists and learning(More)
This paper examines the use of middleware to support Content Integration, particularly in the area of e-Learning interoperability standards. We would like to thank Recombo (www.recombo.com) for sponsoring this white paper. The analysis and conclusions contained in this paper are those of the authors. About the Authors Geoff Collier (gcollier@eduworks.com)(More)
1 Introduction In the United States and other developed countries, new products built on emerging technologies such as tablets, mobile devices, cloud-based services and eBooks have generated widespread discussion about disruptive change in education at all levels. Typical questions raised include:  Should the classroom be flipped using online video [1]? (More)
The project 'Network for a Forest Information Service' (NEFIS; contract number QLK5-CT-2002-30638) is an 'Accompanying Measure' of the European Commission (EC) 5 th Framework Programme. A central component of the project is the establishment of a Web-based KnowledgeBase with substantive structured information content. The KnowledgeBase of NEFIS includes a(More)
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