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For data dominated applications, power consumption and memory bandwidth bottlenecks can be significantly alleviated with a custom memory organization. However, this potentially entails complex memory interconnections and a large routing overhead. This is undesirable for area cost, power consumption, and layout design complexity. By exploiting(More)
In order to reduce power consumption in data dominated embedded applications, a multi-level memory hierarchy containing caches is often introduced in the implementation. The cache memory used in this hierarchy must have simple tag-comparison mechanisms and tag array overhead for reduced energy. However, such cache architecture, a direct mapped cache,(More)
This case study describes a real world project carried out by Formetis in 2012, for a professional client, a utility company, who maintain the infrastructure for electricity and gas services for their customers. The client requires an IT system for the production of complex contracts, while many quality requirements have to be met. The project has been(More)
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