Tyagi Ramakrishnan

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Blood vessel segmentation can be used for automatic retinal disease screening system. In this paper, comparison of automatic blood vessel segmentation methods in retinal images is presented and discussed. Morphological operation for the automatic segmentation of blood vessels in retinal images has been proposed and the results are compared with matched(More)
Individuals with unilateral stroke have neuromuscular weakness or paralysis on one side of the body caused by some muscles disengaging and others overexciting. Hyperextension of the knee joint and complete lack of plantar flexion of the ankle joint are common symptoms of stroke. This paper focuses on the creation and implementation of a small, lightweight,(More)
This paper presents a modern semi supervised scheme for the detection and segmentation of abnormalities present in the brain MR images. The high degree of automation can be attained by using semi supervised learning, because it does not require any pathology modeling. If the dimensionality of the data is large then the estimation of the probability density(More)
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