Ty L Brubaker

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Job insecurity research has focused primarily on attitudinal (e.g., job satisfaction), behavioral (e.g., employee turnover), and health outcomes. Moreover, research in the area of workplace safety has largely focused on ergonomic factors and personnel selection and training as primary antecedents of safety. Two cross-sectional structural equational modeling(More)
The goals of this study were (a) to assess the extent to which construction industry workplace injuries and illness are underreported, and (b) to determine whether safety climate predicts the extent of such underreporting. Data from 1,390 employees of 38 companies contracted to work at a large construction site in the northwestern United States were(More)
A combination absorption-elution, two-dimensional absorption-inhibition procedure was used to determine the ABH antigen composition of a series of human bone specimens of known ABO type that had been aged up to nine months under dry and humid conditions at ambient temperature, 37 degrees C, and 56 degrees C; at ambient temperature in dry and wet soil; and(More)
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