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Despite advances in the molecular pathogenesis of glioblastoma multiforme, no reliable prognostic markers have been identified. We analysed telomerase activity and telomere lengths in glioblastoma multiformes from 77 patients. 19 patients (25%) had tumours with the alternative-lengthening-of-telomere (ALT) phenotype. Median survival for patients with this(More)
Study design:Systematic review.Objectives:The objective of this study is to systematically review the literature for pediatric cases of spinal cord injuries without radiologic abnormality (SCIWORA) to investigate any possible relationship between initial neurologic impairment and eventual neurologic status.Setting:A university department of(More)
Syncope caused by swallowing-induced cardiac arrhythmia is an uncommon condition. The recognition of this syndrome is paramount but often difficult. We report three cases of deglutition syncope evaluated at our institution over a three-year period. Two patients had distal esophageal (Schatzki) ring and two had hypertensive peristaltic waves (commonly(More)
Lack of telomere maintenance during cell replication leads to telomere erosion and loss of function. This can result in telomere associations which probably cause the dicentric chromosomes seen in some tumour cells. One mechanism of telomere maintenance in dividing cells is the action of telomerase, a ribonucleoprotein enzyme that adds TTAGGG repeats onto(More)
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