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  • T E Martin
  • 1989
The presentation and management of infertility was studied in a group of 56 couples from the catchment area of a large Royal Air Force general practice. They represented an overall prevalence of 36 per 1000 couples in the population. Thirty seven couples (66%) were trying for their first pregnancy and 19 (34%) has experienced a previous conception.(More)
  • T E Martin
  • 1990
In August 1988 an aircraft of the Italian aerobatic display team fell into the spectator enclosure at the Ramstein Airshow, causing over 500 casualties. The survivors were triaged, treated and evacuated from Ramstein within 96 minutes. The speed and efficiency of this evacuation was a result of prior planning, thorough training, medical reinforcement,(More)
This paper describes an effort to develop an integrated set of ontologies for the particular sub-domains of network communication and a formal language, common to all the sub-domains, capable of expressing domain specific policies. Principal among these is the dynamic spectrum access (DSA) domain. This effort is led by the Software Defined Radio Forum MLM(More)
Chomsky (1986) has claimed that the prima facie incompatibility between descriptive linguistics and semantic externalism proves that an externalist semantics is impossible. Although it is true that a strong form of externalism does not cohere with descriptive linguistics, sociolinguistic theory can unify the two approaches. The resulting two-level theory(More)
Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development is a project of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). The project was made possible by the support of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). IIED is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England. Reg. This report was commissioned by the MMSD(More)
In this note we define a machine that generates nests. The basic relations commonly attributed to linguistic expressions in configurational syntactic models as well as the device of chains postulated in current transformational grammar to represent distance relations can be naturally derived from the assumption that the combinatorial syntactic procedure is(More)
  • T E Martin
  • 1992
During the latter half of 1990 the Royal Air Force established a medical evacuation chain in support of the British First Armoured Division during Operation Granby (known as Operation Desert Storm in the USA). Medical contingency plans, formulated prior to embarkation from the UK, foresaw the need for five aeromedical staging facilities sub-deployed(More)
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