Twan Huybers

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Destination choice modelling can be employed to analyse the choices that tourists make when selecting between different holiday destinations. The data for a destination choice modelling analysis are often obtained from a survey in which prospective tourists state their choices in a series of hypothetical choice scenarios. In each scenario, the choice(More)
Environmental management at nature-based tourism destinations includes a private and a public component. The former refers to voluntary environmental protection activities carried out by individual (and groups of) tourism operators. These activities are motivated by the dependence of the product provided by the tourism industry on the quality of the natural(More)
Anti-doping activities in sport have shifted from secondary prevention (intervening after athletes have used) to educational strategies focused on primary prevention through promoting abstinence. There is no empirical evidence to guide targeting of anti-doping education initiatives. In this paper, a heuristic to guide education initiatives was derived by(More)
The use of hydroxylapatite mixed with autogenous bone to augment the area posterior to the mental foramen is described. This method is combined with an interposed bone graft technique in the symphyseal area. The clinical implications are discussed in relation to potential nerve damage, height to be gained, and effects on lip-chin profile, and the results in(More)
OBJECTIVES There is debate concerning whether the guiding paradigm for anti-doping policy should be the current legalistic approach or a "harm minimisation" approach prioritising athlete health. This study sought to determine whether a representative sample of Australians prioritises health above other concerns using the World Anti-Doping Code's Spirit of(More)
A follow-up study on 41 patients who had augmentation of the atrophic mandible by interposed bone graft is presented. Special emphasis has been put on the prosthetic implications. The rapid reduction in height measured postoperatively appeared almost to cease after 6 months. Some of the possible causes of this phenomenon are discussed.
A long-term follow-up (7-2 years) of 152 patients who underwent a vestibuloplasty is presented. Special emphasis has been put on the condition of the graft, nerve disturbances and chin contour changes. As a result of this study, a mandibular vestibuloplasty procedure is recommended that has minimal side effects, and yet provides an adequate base on which to(More)
Consumers’ decisions to spend money on tourism occur in the context of the other potential uses of their resources and corresponding values or utilities. While many studies have examined the demand for travel and tourism there is no known study that reveals how individuals and households make tradeoffs when allocating their spending between various(More)
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