Tuyen V. Nguyen

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BACKGROUND In March 2003, several hospitals in Quebec, Canada, noted a marked increase in the incidence of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea. METHODS In 2004 we conducted a prospective study at 12 Quebec hospitals to determine the incidence of nosocomial C. difficile-associated diarrhea and its complications and a case-control study to identify(More)
<italic>This paper presents a method for general reduced order analysis of linear circuits with a large number of independent sources. This type of circuit is used to model the power grid in power supply noise analysis for example. The large size of the linear circuit model renders circuit simulation inefficient. The large number of independent sources(More)
This paper reviews the design challenges that current and future processors must face, with stringent power limits and high frequency targets, and the design methods required to overcome the above challenges and address the continuing Giga-scale system integration trend. This paper then describes the details behind the design methodology that was used to(More)
Diabetes is one of the major risk factors for dementia. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the risk of diabetes for dementia is largely unknown. Recent studies revealed that epigenetic modifications may play a role in the pathogenesis of diabetes. We hypothesized that diabetes may cause epigenetic changes in the brain that may adversely affect(More)
SCOPE Metabolic syndrome has become an epidemic and poses tremendous burden on the health system. People with metabolic syndrome are more likely to experience cognitive decline. As obesity and sedentary lifestyles become more common, the development of early prevention strategies is critical. In this study, we explore the potential beneficial effects of a(More)
This paper presents a general rational block Lanczos algorithm for computing multipoint matrix Pade approximation of linear multiport networks, which model many important circuits in digital, analog, or mixed signal designs. This algorithm generalizes a novel block Lanczos algorithm with a reliable adaptive scheme for breakdown treatment to address two(More)
<italic>This paper presents a general method for computing transient sensitivities using the adjoint method in event driven simulation algorithms that employ piecewise linear device models. Sensitivity information provides first order assessment of circuit variability with respect to design variables and parasitics. This information is particularly useful(More)