Tuyen D. Nguyen

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A new space vector modulation (SVM) process for use in an indirect matrix converter (IMC) has been proposed in this paper to reduce the common-mode voltage (CMV) in a high voltage transfer ratio. The principles of selecting suitable active vectors and then properly arranging the switching sequence in the inverter stage of the IMC are described. The IMC with(More)
Common-mode voltage (CMV) is responsible for overvoltage stress to the winding insulation and bearing damage of an AC motor. High dv/dt of CMV causes leakage currents, which create noise problems to the equipments installed near the converter. This paper proposes modulation strategy for three-level T-type NPC that substantially eliminates CMV. The(More)
The use of pyridine-2-amidoxime in reaction with NiCl2.6H2O in the presence of NaOMe has led to a cationic NiII 12 cluster with novel structural features; each cluster molecule is a ferromagnet with a spin ground state of S = 6 arising from ferromagnetic exchange between the six octahedral NiII ions, but with intercationic interactions also affecting the(More)
We report the synthesis of a series of mixed valence Mn(II/IV) tetranuclear clusters [Mn(II)2Mn(IV)2O2(heed)2(EtOH)6Br2]Br2 (1), [Mn(II)2Mn(IV)2O2(heed)2(H2O)2Cl4].2EtOH.H2O (2.2EtOH.H2O), [Mn(II)2Mn(IV)2O2(heed)2(heedH2)2](ClO4)4 (3), [Mn(II)2Mn(IV)2O2(heed)2(MeCN)2(H2O)2(bpy)2](ClO4)4 (4) and [Mn(II)2Mn(IV)2O2(heed)2(bpy)2Br4].2MeOH (5.2MeOH). Clusters(More)
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